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Embody is a Classical Pilates studio in Canmore AB. The new School of Pilates website is an in-depth website featuring several key aspects:

The primary purpose of the site is to provide an exclusive (members only) online educational portal for both staff and students to access information about the Classical Pilates repertoire. Together with the Embody staff, we created an interactive resource that graphically maps out the progression of exercises from Level 1 to Level 5 within each apparatus. The details of each exercise, including up to three instructional videos and instructions, can be accessed from within the chart.

An addition, the website includes an open forum for members to discuss all things Pilates, and a calendar with upcoming classes and lectures.

What I did:
  • Artistic Design
  • Site Development
  • Custom Development – Interactive Pilates Resource
  • Youtube Integration
  • Highly Customized CMS Integration – Wordpress icon WordPress
  • Integration of Forum and Calendar

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