Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club


Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club contacted me as they were looking for complete website overhaul. The club knew that they needed a total refresh as the structure of their previous site was confusing, the design dated and clunky, and it did not function on mobile devices. Together, we put together a list of basic and advanced requirements, organized existing content, and created a new site structure. From there, we migrated all needed content into a new site map. Concurrently, we created a new design and layout that meshed with existing club themes and marketing material. In creating the final product, ease of navigation was a high priority, along with easy page editing by club administrators/team.

Julien really understood what our club wanted in our new website. He asked the right questions, offered insights and suggestions, and was flexible in making adjustments. Both the appearance and the functionality of the new site are fantastic!

But more importantly, the website wouldn’t have turned out so well if Julien hadn’t been such a great listener and questioner. It was very helpful that right from the start, Julien asked what the purpose/target audience of the website was to be, and got me thinking (and checking back with the group) about the club’s philosophy and goals. And we ended up really pleased because Julien listened and had great suggestions, but also were open minded about what we wanted adjusted.

Jen Clark

Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club

The main objectives of the new site were to share club information, updates and trail reports to club members; promote the club, it’s events and programs to prospective members (including engage local youth in racing and non- competitive programs); and back grant applications and attract sponsors with a solid, clear web presence.

We incorporated a Content Management System into the new website to allow for the team at Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club to take control of adjusting all content. Built in to our setup is a straight-forward, easy to update Grooming Report.

The new Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club website includes:

  • Google Calendars for Events and Programs
  • Ski Area Information
  • Daily Grooming Report System
  • Weather integration
  • Programs Overviews
  • Club Documents
  • Galleries
  • Recent Club News
  • Upcoming Events pages
Integrated Google Calendars for Programs/Events
Trail Report – Front End



Trail Report – Daily Editor

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